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Welcome to The Grow Factory Web Site. We now provide the widest range of products for your growing needs anywhere on the Costa Blanca in Northern Spain.

The Grow Factory is not just a shop but a wholesale warehouse FULL of your favourite brands, at great prices just drive in and load up.

With over thirty years of combined experience our friendly helpful staff will be delighted to answer any of your questions and provide the best solution to your individual needs.

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We speak Dutch, English, Spanish, German & French and our “Drive In” warehouse means easy parking and loading.

Located just off the N332 in Ondara, close to the La Marina shopping centre we are really easy to find.

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Germinating your cannabis seeds is the first step to getting your crop under way. It is the process in which life within the seed is stimulated, turning it from a seed into a sprout.

There are three main stimuli that trigger germination; all must be present for the cannabis seed to successfully grow. The first is water; the seed goes through a process called “imbibing”, this is where the seed soaks up water around it, eventually causing the seeds shell to split as the embryo inside expands.

The second factor which is required to trigger germination is air. This will ensure that the embryo that it has what it requires to perform photosynthesis and transipration.  Finally the cannabis seed needs a degree of warmth to trigger growth. The embryo contained within the seed has a small store of food to get itself going; it just needs these indicators to give it the go-ahead.

As your cannabis seeds take their first steps into life they will develop a tap root, which bursts through the shell of the seed. As it continues to grow it will produce 2 small embryonic leaves known as the cotyledons; these will push off the remainder of the seed shell – do not attempt to remove it yourself, you are likely to do more damage than good. When these leaves appear it is very important to start providing the seedling as much light as possible, allowing it to start its process of photosynthesis, which produces the fuel for its future growth.